Arabic Christian Fellowship Fort Worth / Arlington


The Arab work in Fort Worth started with a fellowship meeting in December 1984 at the home of George Wakim, and continued through the service of many pastors. The sequences of pastors are as follows:

George Wakim (1984-1987); Raouf Ghattas (1987-1991); Shaun Shorrosh (1991-1994); Dr. Samuel Shahid, served two periods as an interim pastor, (1994-1995) & (2003-2005); Habib Saade (1995-2003); Pastor Raymond Massaad (2005 – Present).

The church had been searching and praying for many years for a suitable building for worship and ministry. In August 2005, Tarrant Baptist Association offered a building located at 1701 T Square Drive in Fort Worth, if the church would take up the balance on the existing loan. The building was appraised at $750,000.00 and the loan balance was only $356,000.00. After much prayer, and generous support of many donors, the congregation was able to purchase the building December 21, 2006 with a remaining loan of $336,000.00.

The congregation immediately doubled and tripled, and the Lord has been working mightily in renewing and refreshing His Spirit in the lives of many. On December 16, 2011, after a generous matcher up to $100,000.00 and a fundraising campaign to reach the goal, the church paid the remaining amount of the building note $187,000.00. The church now is debt free, and it is looking forward to serve her Master with every power and strength.

Pastor Raymond Massad  

Pastor Raymond grew up in Lebanon as the second son of seven children. He accepted the Lord as personal Savior in February 1974 at the age of 14. Married to Aida Fares in October 1991, they have two children, Steven and Joelle.

            Pastor Raymond has served the Lord through various ministries, especially as the music director of “The Truth of the Gospel Baptist Church”. In addition to being one of six messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention of Lebanon for years, he served the Lord as a church planter in the suburb of Beirut and leader of the outreach ministry for years.

          Pastor Raymond moved with his family to Southern California in 2000 and served there as pastor for two Arabic churches in Palm Springs and La Verne (a church he planted there).

           In August of 2005, Pastor Raymond moved with his family to Fort Worth / Arlington, Texas to serve as the Pastor of the “Arabic Christian Fellowship”.

         Pastor Raymond graduated in 2010 with “Master of Divinity” from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.